Thursday, March 19, 2009


I have a mommy question. Its about paper. 
I have a file cabinet and a file box too, there is a file with each kid's name on it and a divider and the save stuff is on one side and the respond to stuff is on the other side, but then sure, I found that reading chart, but it was due last month, (if its not where I can see it, I miss things)  and there are all these important notices that have to be responded to this week, like the phone bill that is waiting for the next pay check before paying, the notice that girl scout cookies can only be ordered on Thursday and you have a parenting class that evening. Last chance for book orders and the Mother's Day gift your second grader is making needs xyz; please sign and return this field trip form with your child on Wednesday or they cannot ride on the bus; the Health Department suggest an update on the chicken pox shot before next week, since there was an out break in your child's school; the furnace will be repaired at 2:00 on Friday, but only if you are home; please look for this name when you are working on that file on Friday; take down this number and call Mr. X and ask if he can meet Wednesday morning; this warranty will expire if not renewed by x/x/x/; the band rehearsal is Thursday and its your turn to bring the chips; my play is tomorrow, Mom, and you have to buy tickets before four o'clock for the student discount; the orthodontist called and she needs to be there after school today, but she needs to bring her old records with her; This is the job agency, can your child call us before Friday?Mom, you know that tie, one of the kids would like to borrow it for the concert, will you bring it with you? Mommy, I made this in school today for you; me too; me too. 
Some people have desks. I can't spare the space. I selected a drawer, but it's not big enough. The calendar works for some of these notices, but not for others. By the time all the teens have their schedules posted it reads like a book report. I have in and out boxes, but they are overflowing, and the drawer, and the fridge. My family thinks I've cleaned the kitchen when all I did was remove the last week's notices off the refrigerator. 
How do real people do this? I met one person who simply threw everything away and dealt with the consequences. I can't. I can make decisions like that for allot of these pages, but not all, not even most. I had thought I can wrap each sheet around an arrow and shoot it at the wall and make the world's largest porcupine model, but that was more out of desperation than practicality. Now either other people have a fridge door that is 8 ft. x 10 ft. and it still looks like a paper mache pinata or they are orderly and brilliant, or just plain common sense people who have solved a small reasonable problem and I obviously need their advice, so I'm asking for it. If any body lacks wisdom let him ask.. Well to be honest, I thought I'd check with other moms before I picked up the big red phone.  I have six kids in school, at least only six that account to me for scheduling, etc. Is this just a stage, like terrible twos that I'll grow out of? Is this normal?I'll risk sounding really stupid and say, what am I missing? How do real people do this? (I'm not a real person, if I miss the obvious.) Any body??


  1. Maybe we need to get you a palm. To alert you for everything. Then it will be beeping every three minutes and that won't get old at all.

    I have drawers for the boys, but that is only for the stuff that they and I am done with. The stuff we are currently working on? Well, that's just an enormous pile of stuff on the dryer.

  2. I have boxes of stuff I am planning on burning in the backyard with all the old waste wood. One giant bonfire. Also, I use my phone as my planner, most of the time. And I do a poor job of actually getting bills paid on time. Love how you put it though :D

  3. Dear ithappenedinthekitchen,
    Thanks for your input. I enjoyed reading your blog. I'm still learning so couldn't find a place to post on your site. I find life in general miraculous. Often that we can survive so much. Many times because Providence cannot be denied and is there for the asking. I wouldn't change what we have learned from the times that have made us stretch. Thank you for the reminder the Abundance is one of His names!

  4. Quick thought. its hard to know where to keep stuff if a house with big family! talk to me some more some time... I have an idea or two w/ a file cabinet in a not-too-visited place.